Tracking my weight

July 09, 2023
TLDR: This is the app I made to track my weight daily. weight tracker via testflight

I really want to lose weight. In order to see the changes in my weight I need to track it. I'm building an app for this but I do no need it to have access to the internet. My data can be stored on my phone. Eventually, I would like to export weight data but that can be done in batches of csv files – nothing crazy.

The app only need two visual components: weight log and weight graph. The weight log is list that store the timestamp and my weight on a given day. One enter the app will have the set date today's data and weight value field ready for that day's input. The weight graph just displays the values in a graph.

I have a scale at home which I'm going to use to for weight myself. I'm may miss a few days because "life happens" but having enough data points will help me see the progress or lack thereof.

There isn't much else to say other than here's the link: weight tracker via testflight