Solving my problem

June 20, 2023
TLDR: I'm working on app to manage my day tasks here:

During my time in high school, I started to have trouble completing work and fell behind on work often. This lead me to prioritize school work over all other things that brought me joy. The assumption was that if I focus solely on school work I would be able to get it done. College made me realize that even if I soley focus on school work, each assignment expanded to take up the day. Now that I'm done with undergrad, I want blend the things that I want to do along with my responsiblities.

So here's the idea, I need a tool that allows me to build my day – to choose the things that I want to get done before the clock stucks midnight. I need to be able to log tasks for the day and tasks that I want to do at some point in the future. Tasks of the day are just the minimum tasks that would make me consider that day a good day. On the other hand, the tasks saved for later allow me capture the the tasks that I want to do without the interuption of tasks of the day.

There are methodologies such time blocking that are popular. My issue with time blocking is that even if I said that I was going to do a task at a spcific time, I tend to go over the dedicated time and this creates a feedback loop where I do not repect the time ranges of other takss. To counter this, my tool will have the time limit of end of day for that day's tasks. I could have a "good day" after I complete all tasks before noon or until the very last hour of the day.

My day job will have a schedule. This tool is meant to complement to all other tools that I might to use to track work. Additionally, this tool is meant to keep brief task description. All other types of writing and thinking will happen outside of this tool.

I'm going to call this tool minilist pronounced "meenee list". You can check on the progress here